Tips for new members!

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Tips for new members!

Post by Rebicar on Mon Mar 16, 2015 1:17 am

I have a few handy tips for you guys!!
You may already know these, and that's fine but surely there's someone who won't know them! And here they are! - this is a disposable email. Which means, you can make up any email address you want, and invite them. You earn 50 gems per invited email.
First, go to the earn gems page, select "invite friends" insert the email you want to invite. For example: ""
Then you need to go to the yopmail website, type in the email you invited, and it will open the inbox. Your invite should be waiting. Open the email, and click on the sign up button, pick a random age, insert the email address you provided earlier, make up a username and password, and click "play now" (or whatever the button says)
Then a pop up will tell you to finish your registration via a confirmation email they sent you, ignore that, you've already earned your 50 gems!!
You can buy endless dragons, stables, clothes & boosts.

That brings us to the next tip, it's a fairly obvious one, I recommend ALWAYS have a handful of speed boosts in your pocket for TRR, now you can get free gems, so there's no excuse not to have some. People like to save them for the last minute in the race, and if they use it, use yours too!
But don't go overkill, you don't want to be that racer who just speed boosts all the time. I like to think of them as an emergency thing.

Finally, this is for those of you who want to earn BIG UDT points but know it takes FOREVER to earn them.. You know, those stars above your head? Are you sick of seeing the same coloured star? Or even that annoying half a star?
Here's your solution.
This tip is also basically run by the yopmail method, you will need lots of gems, and 2 yaks.
Yak milk gives you 15 UDT points, and it only costs 2 gems to make it straight away. (Usually takes 24 hours)
So what I've learned, is to keep clicking the 2 gem speed up action then harvest it. Within 5 seconds, you have 15 points. 10 seconds 30 UDT points. Etc etc
1000 gems (20 yopmail invites) will give you 7500 UDT points if you use this method. It's fast and effective. I used it to get 60,000 UDT points In a few weeks. You can also do it with sheep and turtles etc, but they either give you less UDT or cost 6-7 gems per click. Yak milk is the best value for your gems.

Thanks for reading guys. Keep an eye out for more tips!

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Re: Tips for new members!

Post by Victoria Trainer (Admin) on Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:51 am

Good tips Rebicar! Everyone take notes! XD
Victoria Trainer (Admin)
Victoria Trainer (Admin)

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