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About Contests

Post by Victoria Trainer (Admin) on Wed Mar 11, 2015 9:36 pm

Only selected Elders, Rebicar, and myself can post in this section
In this section of the forums, we will hold and announce contests! When the winner has been announced on the blog, we will paste the link! Contests include:

Trophy Earning - Monthly - Each month, the person who earns the most trophies will be recognized as a trophy master and can carry this title for the following month. When the month is over a new trophy master will be recognized! After your month is over, you will not be eligible for Trophy Master for three months!

Trophy Earning - Tournaments - After every tournament, the person who earns the most trophies will be named Trophy Tournament Master! They can carry this title until the next tournament. If someone has, at the time of a tournament, won Trophy Master, they are still eligible for Trophy Tournament Master You can not win this two tournaments in a row! If we WIN the tournament, you get to keep this title for an ENTIRE year. During the next tournament when a new trophy master emerges, you will still keep your title...and so will the winner of the current tournament!

Each month we hold a random contest picking from the following. Each one grants you a title until someone wins the same contest:

Dragon Beauty Pageant: Do you believe your dragon is the fairest of them all? Submit a screenshot while this contest is running for a chance to find out! Leadership will be the judges, and we'll see if your dragon is indeed the fairest!

Farm Decorating Contest: For those who love decorating your farms, we will have a contest to see whose the best decorator out there!

Dress-Up: Who says dress-up is for young girls and their dolls? Make a unique costume out of the clothing provided and leadership will judge the contest to pick!

The Three Month Award - Once every three months, Rebicar and I will pick out a member we we feel is expressing the best spirit and actively participating...and award them a membership Wink Thank Rebicar everyone! Smile
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